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angela christine

*classy & fabulous*

7 November
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my name is angela christine. i live on long island, ny. i am incredibly obsessed with fashion and make up. stilettos are my shoe of choice. my soul mate is my puppy Toby, he's my whole world. best friends are the true love of any girls life, lose sense of that, lose yourself in a relationship, and you've lost everything. love isn't worth it unless its inconvenient, passionate, make you crazy type of love.

im obsessed with old hollywood and old new york city... when the women were classy, fabulous, elegant and brilliant. marilyn monroe. audrey hepburn. edie sedgwick. look at these ladies. even their deaths were classic, somewhat beautiful.

i love todays young hollywood, as big of a train wreck as most of them are.

i dont believe in self pity, it only brings you down. im a huge believer that, no matter what you're going through, someone, somewhere, has it worse, so quit bitching and whining and live your life!

i love the backstreet boys, britney spears, and hanson.

i love one tree hill, the oc, desperate housewives and greys anatomy.

... anything to escape reality if only for the length of a song, or a tv show.

i live for the weekends with my best friends, either sitting around watching a terrible movie or partying and getting twisted out at some random club/bar. its amazing sitting in our local starbucks and terrifying the barista with our sexcapades. kim|jenna|crissy|deanna|julie|shannon ~ i love you ladies